Terms of use

Terms and conditions

Article 1: Validity of the offer
These general conditions of sale apply to online sales of items offered on the Jacquie Créations Internet store Offers reserved for individuals registered on the Jacquie Créations Internet Store site and valid in Africa, Europe, French overseas departments and territories, Asia, Oceania , United States ... They are subject to availability at the time of placing the order.

Article 2: Articles
The jewelry offered on the website http://www.jacquiecreations.com/boutique/ are original creations. The photographs and texts, reproduced and illustrating the products presented, are not contractual. The responsibility of the designer Jacquie Créations can not be engaged on this basis, in particular in the event of typographical error, in the choice of a photograph, in the designation of an article or in the writing of a text.

Article 3: Price
The prices of the items or services offered for sale online on the Jacquie Créations Internet store include the shipping costs which are the responsibility of Jacquie Créations. Customs duties, import duties, or other taxes that may be payable depending on the country, regions, territories or overseas departments, are the responsibility of the buyer and are his sole responsibility both in terms declarations than payments to the competent authorities and bodies of his country, region, territory or department. No price reduction can be granted on "mini price" products.

Article 4: List and conditions of use of titles valid for the purchase of items offered for sale online on the Jacquie Créations Internet store
The titles listed below can be used for purchases made on the Jacquie Créations Internet Store. This list is provided for information only and is subject to change.
    • Advertising coupons issued by Jacquie Créations
    • Jacquie Créations check,
    • Gift certificates issued by Jacquie Créations
    •    To have.

The tickets that can be used as well as their terms of use for online purchases (sending the tickets by mail to our “Internet shop” service or entering a code directly on the “Jacquie Créations” site), appear on the page of the basket and are recalled in the order summary email sent to customers.
None of the titles listed above can be combined with an identical title or other titles, with the exception of gift vouchers issued by Jacquie Créations
 Titles can only be used once. For other conditions of use, see general conditions of use on these titles.

Article 5: Security
The Jacquie Créations Internet store site benefits from an SSL encryption security system.

Article 6: Shipping costs
Shipping costs are kindly offered to the buyer. To do this, help us maximize our shipments if you need to buy multiple products by grouping them together.

Article 7: Availability of products and delivery time
For each item offered for sale online on the Jacquie Créations Internet store, an indicator informs the customer of the immediate availability or not of the item. For items that are no longer available in the desired size or color, please message us to see feasibility.
The delivery time includes the time for preparing and delivering the package. The average delivery time is, for metropolitan France and Monaco, 10 to 15 working days from the validation of the order by the Jacquie Créations sales departments which includes in particular the validation of the payment and the physical control of the reduction vouchers at return us. For items personalized at the customer's request, this period is 15 to 20 days. The period indicated is valid subject to immediate availability of the item (s) ordered. For wholesalers, any order over 450 euros, the maximum delivery time is 3 to 5 weeks. In the event of immediate non-availability of the item (s) ordered, the aforementioned delivery period will begin to run from the date of entry into stock of said item at Jacquie Créations.
The responsibility of the company Jacquie Créations can not be engaged on the basis of non-compliance with the average delivery time indicated above.
The item (s) ordered are delivered in a single delivery to the address indicated by the customer when placing his order or, failing that, to the home address of said customer.

Article 8: payment
The price is payable in full and in a single payment when ordering.
Payment for purchases is made online by PayPal, credit card (visa card, Eurocard / Mastercard). The debit of the card